Jellydotpk ~ A Footwear Brand 

Hello my shopaholics !

I am back with another review and this time I am here to share with you guys my experience of a footwear brand . In case if you are unaware of this brand then this is named as Jellydotpk and is Karachi based dealing in high quality footwears from shoes to Sandles and slippers . I got a pair of slippers from them to review .

My Thoughts : 

Whenever we go to buy a pair of shoes for ourselves , we always make sure that if these are soft as jelly ! Now you can relate why they have the name jellydotpk . lol I don’t know if they have this idea behind their name but it’s relatable .

The pair is beautifully designed and hued in dark chocolate color with a white strip of 2 cm on lower bottom to give it a dichromatic look .

It came with a triangular strap made of a flexible material to fit perfectly on foot . The triangular strap is studded with a lot of  greyish stones that shine like gems and eye catching too .


Sole is sooo fucking soft and is perfect for my flat foot problem and it won’t hurt at all . I would love to flaunt it the most when I go on shopping .

Customer Service : 

They have the best customer service online that I have ever seen . You would be annoyed by their sweetness guys . And I mean it 😂 . Anyhow , they are best in dealing their customers .

My Rating : < b>9/10 < b>You can get the perfect shoe for any occasion from Jellydotpk on reasonable prices . <

ope you like this review . I’ll be doing more review in this week . So stay tuned guys .<


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