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Hello my makeup fenatics ! 

Today I am here to share with you guys the matte lisptsics (not liquid lipsticks ) from NYX . 

These babies came in a trio set which is named as ” MLS Set 05 ” . 

This set includes 3 lipsticks that are matte 

1) pale pink 

2) Shocking Pink 

3) Up The Bass 

Pale pink is a natural baby pink kinda shade that is perfect for daily use specially for day-time . 

Shocking pink is a vibrant brightest pink shade that is perfect for day-time plus night-time . 

Up the Bass is a violet shade lipstick and of course a bold deep shade that is perfect for fall and night – Time make overs . 

My Thoughts : 

I was afraid of these lipsticks that these will dry out my lips and leave them chapped but no I was totally wrong about them . 

These lipsticks are supppperrrrrrrrr creamy like butter . I am not exaggerating  here . I swear  these are super blend able  and super buttery in texture and now I am afraid these will be finished in no time . 

As far as pigmentation is concerned , these are quite promising in this quality . I love the pigmentation and for pale pink you have to apply it twice for the desired pigment on your lips as it is a light baby pink shade . 

I think these are not so promising in their lasting power . These will last for good 2-4 hours or if you are going to any function then these are good to use . But for a full working day , you have to keep them in your bag for touch ups . 

Rating : 

All over rating is 9/10 
You can get these from any online beauty shop like or myfavbr . 
Hope you like this review of nyx mate lipsticks . Stay tuned for more 🙂 

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Love from beautybae 💓💓 XoXoxoxXo


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