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Organic Beauty On Budget 

Hello my readers !

Hope you all doing great . Yes I was kinda busy in my freelancing projects and was missing writing my own blogs where I can write my heart out . Today I am here to share with you guys my experience of organic soaps that were sent by Yellowberry . I have to say this is your organic beauty On budget . You can get the whole soap bar under 1000 .

As you all know organic beauty products are harm free and not so harsh for your skin and I can’t even get enough of the yummy fragrance these bars have .

They sent me the travel sized products but I am half way through them after using for a month . This makes them really economical .


These babies came in a vibrant yellow bag with a yellow berry logo printed on it and a yellow berry card .


Products that I got from yellow berry are

1. Activated charcoal soap

2. Lemon Grass and Sage soap

3. Avocado soap

4. Rose soap

5. Juicy orange soap


1. Activated charcoal soap 

As you all know activated charcoal is the best organic way to get rid of all the impurities from your body even it is an industrial purifying agent . I can literally see the difference after washing my face from this activated charcoal bar after coming home from university . It’s not like activated charcoal scrub or peel off mask so not promissing in removing blackheads .

2. Avocado soap 

Acacado is a reknown ingredient that nourish your skin and keep it moisturizing as well . It’s quite promising in balancing the moisture of your skin and helps preventing your skin from breaking . It’s included in my night rituals before bed when your skin need a lot of moisture to regenerate the protective layer .

If you have a dry skin then you can use it in day time too .

3. Lemon grass And Sage Soap 

Lemon grass is a widely used herb and it has the astringent and antiseptic properties that prevent your skin from bacteria and fungus . Plus it’s refreshing with healing properties.

Sage is also a herb that is rich in calcium and vitamin A and helps in regeneration and keeps your skin safe from agening factors .

This soap is a beautiful blend of these two herbs for glowing skin and younger looking skin with healing power of both .

4. Rose soap 

Rose is an ingredient for which I don’t think I have to write anything . As all you know it’s the ancient organic beauty ingredient that is used everywhere for getting baby skin and freshen up your the skin . It’s amazing in keeping your skin hydrated , fresh , bacterial infection free .

This rose soap bar it quite promising in these qualities . It not only freshens the skin but make it glowing too . Just can’t get enough of this bar .

5. Juicy Orange Soap 

This juicy orange soap is perfect for me as I have the oily skin and it quickly removes all the dust impurities and oil , sebum from my face and I was regularly  using it 3-4 times a day . Then I read a skin care research that if you are continuously removing the skin oil , it will cause your skin to generate more oil to balance the natural layer of skin oil .

So use everything in right amount and this is especially for this bar . Don’t cleanse much with this as Orange is all acidic . Acids do have beneficial effect like speeds up  protein synthesis , healing , regeneration and enzyme efficiency . But excess of anything is harmful .



Hope you like this detailed review . Stay tuned for more . Love from beautybae 💓💓


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