Tie-Up Capris Are The Season Hottest Trend 

Tired of typical capris ? How about adding a little cute detail to them and the fashion divas are already rocking this new addition i.e Tie – up capris.  With the downfall of dhauti shalwars and flappers , Fashionistas and stylistas  introduced this trend and now the tie-up capris have become the hottest trend of the season . 

Nazli Akbar was 1st to introduce this classy yet hot trend . 

Deepak Parvani introduced it in his collection of PFW 2017 and mehreen Seyed walked for him wearing the latest trend . 

Sana Safinaz  was the 1st one to adopt this style in her lawn collection 2017 but in a loose fitting Capri . 

Amna babar slaying in tie-up capri for Sana Safinaz .

Madiha Aziz , Daughert of Farah Talab Aziz was the one to adopt this classy style by wearing velvet tie-up Capri on the occasion of opening of the new store . 

BTW Pakistan has also adopted this style in their recent summer collection 2017 . 

Ayesha Somaya didn’t remain  uneffected by this hot trend . 


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