Advantages 0f COD For Online Shoppers 

Hello fellas ! Hope you all doing good !

As you all know e-shopping emerging as a latest trend in Pakistan and what’s this e-shopping actually means ? It’s basically ordering something while sitting at your place over Internet and get em delivered right at your doorstep and then you pay through a cash on delivery method . 

Cash on delivery is the sale of goods by a mail order where payment is made on delivery rather in advance . If the good are not paid for then they can refunded  back to the retailer .

In Pakistan , Online shopping is becoming a trend and mostly people here do not have debit or credit cards to pay for their online bills that’s why cash on delivery is the commonest way of payement . 

The best part of Cash on delivery is trust because COD is fraud free as you personally handed over the cash to the right person while there’s always a risk of credit cards fraud and an equal risk of net baking .

Cash on delivery gives you the best hastle  free transactions as you don’t have to pay for the extra credit cards or debit cards processing fees. You just have to pay cash on time when your product arrives and it’s the safest way because there’s no beforehand fees to pay . 

Most of sites in Pakistan allow  you to check your product by opening the courier and if you don’t like the product you can return it and your money is absolutely safe . 

Mostly the sites in Pakistan ship free without any shipping fee and that’s make a COD transaction method cheapest as you just have to pay for the product and it avoids the credit cards processing fees too . 

There are many COD service provider sites in Pakistan that are offering cash on delivery transaction method for the online shoppers like Amazon , Keymu , beautybar , pakstyle and many other small online businesses so if you are a frantic online shopper then you should go for this easiest , cheapest  and safest method of transaction . 
Happy shopping  =D 


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