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My UrbanDecay Mini Haul 

Hello sweeties ! 

M back with another makeup haul post . Yes !! it’s UrbanDecay now . Finally I got my hands on these babies 😍 I have tried maybelline , elf and revlon mascaras and eyeliners (reviews are in pipeline ) . All of em are pretty awesome in their qualities from wands to pigmentation so let’s get started guys can’t wait to share my experience with you guys . 


These cute babies come in a beautifully designed rose gold colored bottle and m obsessed with rose gold color 💛💛 . Packaging is so elegant and simple yet classy . 


Wands are perfectly designed . The eyeliner wand is not so hard like a marker eyeliner’s wand but if I compare it with elf’s liquid eyeliner it’s harder than that . However , it’s super handy to use and I don’t need extra precision for a perfect sharp wing . 

The mascara wand is also impressive as the eyeliner’s . It didnt clump my eyelashes at all like the revlon one . But It only picked up the long fibers and I think it didn’t apply a lot of masacaa on my lashes that broke my heart 💔💔 as I love to apply a  lots of lots of mascara ✔️✔️ 


Hold your breath now 🖤🖤

As I told you these are super handy to use and just look at their pigmentation . It’s kinda gel in consistency not runny at all like other liquid eyeliners . I took this picture after rubbing it for 10 times atleast (literally ) . It’s totally a smudge proof formula but it’s not waterproof .


You can shop online from UrbanDecay insta feed or from their web . 


Eyeliner : 5/5 

Mascara :4/5 

Lemme know your experiences with eyeliners especially the liquid ones and mascaras . Would love to read your comments down . Happy reading guys 🔖 

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Love from beautybae 💕💕! XoXoOxoXo 


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