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My Hollygrail Daily moisturizer 

Hello beauties ! 

Today m here to review my hollygrail daily moisturizer from Olay to which m kindaa obsessed ! To be honest I haven’t used any moisturizer because I have super oily skin Which is acne prone too and when I got my hands on this miracle I got totally obsessed with this and now  I Can’t think of using any other moisturizer ✔️✔️ so let’s get started 


                                       Olay total effects+ 


                                   It’s a daily moisturizer for blemish and acne prone skin . It is a salicylic formula with 7 vitamins and minerals . 


                        This is  the best thing that could happen to any one ! This is my all time favorite moisturizer . I have an oily and acne prone skin and this moisturizer moisturizes my skin without making it greasy and oily . It doesn’t cause break out at all because it’s a grease free formula as bacteria usually grows on oil and grease . I love its formula that contains salicylic acid which is the best known ingredient for acne . Also it prevents  blemishes and pigmentation . It not only moisturizes my skin but also make it healthier and smoother . It makes my skin even toned too . The vitamins and minerals that are included in this amazing formula helps nourish my skin . 

It brightens up my  skin and it’s too light to wear instead of greasy , dull and heavy appearance that you get by using other moisturizers . 

It helps in healing my blemished ,pigmented and dead skin too .  You can also use it in summers at night after cleansing . 


                           You can get your Olay total effects+ from any  drug store . It’s easily available at stores . 

MY RATING :  5/5 

So here’s the detailed review of this hollygrail moisturizer . I am obsessed with it . Hope you like this post and can’t wait to hear from you guys . 

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Love from beautybae 💓💓! XoXoXoxo 


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