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Instalty get rid of your bald spots ! 

Hello lovelies ! Happy new year to all of you ! Thank you for your likes comments and love ❤❤ it means a lot 

So today m here to review a product that was sent to me a week ago for an honest review and as I don’t have that much conspicuous bald spots as my father has ! So this product goes to my father ! I tried it on him and yaasss we laavvv ittt ! 


Its basically an instant hair loss concealer ! A concealer for your bald spots ! It actually has thick hair fibers in it and instatntly conceal your bald spots and hair loss lines ! 

It also available in different colors and quantity ! The bottle that was sent to me is 25g with 2 months supply ! 

You can check their site for further details ===> Here


34.95$ or 3500 PKR 


As I told you guys that I tried it on my father because males do have baldness more than females plus I wanted to show you guys a clear before and after results ! 

You just have to tap the bottle at 45• angle on dry head and then comb it ! Hair fibers will set and conceal your bald spots instantly ! 

And how  it actually looks like 


You can check out their web site Here  


My rating for this product is 4/5 

So here’s the review of this instant hair loss concealer FIBOLICA  ! It’s a must have especially when you are going to attend any function and party ! 

Hope you guys like it ! My makeup product reviews are in pipeline ! Stay tuned guys ❤ 

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Love from beautybae 💕💕 ! XoOxoO


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