DIY Fabric Choker 

Hello ladies ! 

As you know, chokers are so much in trend now so I thought of doing  a quick DIY and to my expectations it came out good too ! 

 So ! With my running nose 😪🤐 m here for you to post this DIY FABRIC CHOKER tutorial ! This is my 1st ever try of DIYing  this fabric choker 

So lets start 🤓 


Buckram (coarse cotton fabric ) 

Thread and needle 

Titch button 


Paste it on fabric with glue ! 

Anddd .. 

It’s a 10 minute  DIY if you have all the required things in home ! 
You can use any fabric ! I have this shimmery silk fabric so I used it but you can also use velvet fabric for your choker ! 
Hope you love it 😻 ! Waiting for your comments and yesss don’t forget to send me your choker photos 😎😎 

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Love  from beautybae 💕💕 xOxoXo


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