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Orglow Scrub Review 

Hello ladies ! Hope you doing well ! M hell tired but I have to do thks post as I’ll b busy again in my ospe and vivas 😞 

A month ago , this product was sent to me for an honest review from Salina cosmetics ! I would like to thank them for their love ! 


This is a 100% organic product and that’s why smelly too but it has no side effects ! Unfortunately I didn’t find this product effective ! No doubt it tightens skin but it’s not promising in other qualities that are mentioned on it ! It makes skin soft and perfect for dry skin ! As m having an oily skin it makes my skin even more oily that’s why I won’t recommend it to my followers having oily skin ! But I can use it in winter before applying makeup so that I don’t have to apply any moisturizer ! 


Its price is 1000 RPS / $10 that’s too much for a mask whether it’s organic or not 


You can place your order Here

In short , m not satisfied with its results and price ! 

Hope you like this 🙂 lemme know if you have any quiries regarding this by leaving your comments below and yeah happy reading 🙂 
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Love from beautybae 💕💕 XoXoXo 


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