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Alopia Hair Food 

Hello everyone ! Hope you all doing good ✌️️  

Everyone  of us is tired of this hair fall problem aren’t you ?

There  are 2 phases of your hair that everyone has to face in their lives  ! A good hair phase and a bad hair phase but don’t worry guys here lemme introduce you the MYSTERIOUS hair food  today ! 

So let’s get started guys ! 😄

COMPANY :  Alopia 

MARKET NAME : Food Hair 

INGREDIENTS :  olive oil , sweet almond oil , pumpkin seed oil , walnut oil , poppy seed oil , linseed oil , aloe vera , cyperus perfenuis , eclipta erecta , phyllanthus emblica , acacia concinna 


It’s 100% organic hair food that’s why it’s smelly too and we can’t use it for styling our hair as a gel and they mentioned that you can but m not agreed ! 

No doubt it’s a life saver HAIR food ! I m using it for 3 weeks now and my hair fall has reduced to a great extent ! It helps preventing premature greying and regrow your hair if you have tendency! 

I have dandruff issue but it’s not that much promising in this quality ! Anyways it’s perfect for stronger hair and hair fall issues ! And yes it’s for both men and women ! 

M recommending all you to use it for once ! And you’ll love it ! 

After using this hair food for 3 weeks m getting back my hair 🤗🤗


Apply a lil amount on your roots and massage it properly ! Leave it for a night and wash it in morning with a mild  shampoo ! 

For better results use it with mustard oil ! 


You can buy it from any medical store in Pakistan ! I can send you too via mail ! 


Retail price is 330 RPS 
That’s all for today ! 
Hope you like it ! Comment down if you have any queries regarding this ! 

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Thanks for reading ❤️! Love from beautybae 💕 xoxoxo 


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