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Review of Silkygirl eyeshadow Palette ! 

Hey ! Greetings from beautybae 💕 

As u know I recently purchased an eyeshadow palette from Silkygirlcosmetics ! It’s an Indonesian /Malaysian cosmetic brand . I was randomly going through the makeup brands and it’s then I came across this cosmetic brand ! After checking their website out I ordered this beautiful mini yet a complete eye makeup palette ! I have never used such dark colors as eye shadows and a primer for eyeshadow powder that’s why this baby was interesting for me and this eyeshadow palette goes to the gorgeous lady in world ,my mama ! Without further ado ! Let’s get straight to the point i.e the review of this eyeshadow palette ! 

Company : Silkygirlcosmetics 

U can purchase it Here 

Weight : 4.8 g 


Features : 

It’s a trio eyeshadow palette with a perfect stay eye primer for a long lasting and vibrant eyeshadow colors (mentioned on the palette)  , a filler , an eyebrow bone highlighter and a perfect shade ! See it’s a complete eye makeup palette ! 

Swatches : Swatches of highlighter ,filler and shade from top to bottom ! 

Review :  

Eyeshadow primer is a new thing for me and the 1st impression goes well ! All the shades are soft and decent ! Highlighter has a good pigmentation in one layer on the brow bone ! The bottom bluish shade is my fav it’s pigmentation is impressive and the color is vibrant yet exotic ! Loving it 💕  The filler has just average pigmentation ! Nd m thinking of not using this in my eye makeup bcx it’s messy or may be m lacking experience  🤓! 

So ! That’s all about this baby from Silkygirlcosmetics ! Do try it for a new experience ! Would love to play more  with this goodie 😍

Do comment for any suggestion ! And tell me how’s it ! Love and Huggs 😘😘 

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