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My butter and bread 🤓! 

As promised m here for you guys to teach some awesome recipes of mine ! And now it’s your turn to review my recipes ! Yash it’s a golden chance 😋😋

Here are 2 recipes with a lil difference in ingredients and procedure so uploading these two together ! 

  1. Pull apart buns 
  2. Braided bread 

Pull apart buns recipes : 

These pull apart buns are heaven ! Texture is supper soft and fluffy like cotton candy I can eat these babies alone without any filling ! These tasted as divine ! So without further ado lets gets started ! 

Preparing time : 15 mints 

Resting time : 3 hrs 

Baking time : 25-30 mints 

Yields : 9 

Ingredients :

  • White flour 4cups (standard ) 
  • Instant yeast   1 packet 
  • Nido / powderd milk  1 packet 
  • Butter / desi ghee  2 TBSP 
  • Mashed potato  half (small ) 
  • Granulated sugar   2 TBSP 
  • Salt  1 tsp
  • Oil  4 TBSP 
  • Milk 1 cup (Luke warm)
  • Water 1 cup (Luke warm )

Procedure : 

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl along with potato and butter/ desi ghee (preferably desi ghee for aroma) 

Then add lukewarm water and milk in dry ingredients and mix it !  

Last step is to add oil and kneald it well to make a smooth dough ! 

Now keep it at warmer place preferably in oven or nearby any stove ! 

Keep it at rest about 2 hours ! 

After 2 hours take it out r when the dough gets doubled in size and kneald it again and then roll out into small balls and keep it back at rest about 1 hour ! 

Let buns to attain their shape ! 

When the buns get crowded with each other place them in preheated oven for about 25-30 mints or until gets golden brown ! U can sprinkle some sesame seeds ! Who don’t like sesame seeds plz ignore this😂  

And when the buns r done brush them with desi ghee ! 

Let them cool for 10 mints on a baking  wire And then fill them with favvv filling (in next blog post ) 







Eat ! 

Braided bread : 

This is the quick and super soft yummy recipe And it’s my favv so far ! 

Ingredients : 

Same as buns excluding  mashed potatoes 

Preparing time : 10 mints 

Resting time : 1-2 hrs until gets doubled 

Baking time : 25-30 mints 

Yields : 3 

Procedure :

Same as buns except the resting time ! 

Best thing is that you don’t have to put it back for shape ! Just roll it into large 3 balls after1-2 hrs of rest and make a rectangle out of each like  this 

Fill in with your favv filling (recipes in next blog ) 

This will be the final look ! 

Put it in a baking dish and brush these breads with egg yolk ! 

Bake it for 25-30 mints in a preheated oven or until it gets golden brown ! 
Here’s is the  pull apart buns and braided bread dough recipes ! Hope you like it ! Stay tuned for the filling recipes in next blog post give it a try these are super soft and delecious ! 

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